Oral History Interviews

Beryl Robinson & Bill Wetherall

A discussion of the Nevada City Ordinance 338. "Historical District Ordinance". Moderated by: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes. March 3, 2013. Produced by the Nevada County Historical Society. 

Orlo Steele and Gerald Angove discussion topics include: Growing up in Grass Valley, California, High school, College, Careers, Cornish heritage, The logging and local mining community, Recreation as a kid, Involvement in local sports and businesses, and the creation of Sierra College. 

Ed Yun discusses his life as a young Chinese man growing up in Grass Valley, California. Discussion topics include: The three fingered butcher, moving from San Francisco to Grass Valley as a kid, attending regular grade school and Chinese school at the same time, Lake Olympia, the only car dealership in Grass Valley, and of course his family! 

Mike Nevius Interview (Part 1)

Local mining collector and preservationist Mike Nevius discusses growing up in Nevada County, California. Topics include: The Union Hill Store,The Empire Mine, local Grass Valley mining, collecting and preserving mining artifacts, trading gold and jewelry, working for the National Forest Service as a mechanic, and his own extensive personal mining artifact collection. 

Mike Nevius Interview (Part 2) 

Mike Nevius Interview (Part 3) 

Marian & Darrell Murphy Interview (Part 1)

Darrel Murphy and Marian Murphy Jewett discussing life and growing up in Nevada County. Discussion topics include the Wiemar Institute, The Ladies Relief Society, Empire Mine, Donation Day, and growing up around the Union Hill School District area. 

Marian & Darrell Murphy Interview (Part 2)

Marian & Darrell Murphy Interview (Part 3) 

Marian & Darrell Murphy Interview (Part 4) 

Robert Crabb Interview (Part 1)

Robert Crabb discusses his personal history involving the Northstar Powerhouse Pelton Wheel in Grass Valley, California. He also talks about growing up in Grass Valley and his life as a cartoonist. 

 Robert Crabb Interview (Part 2)