About the Nevada County Historical Society:

The Nevada County Historical Society had its beginning in the fall of 1944 after being inspired by Dr. Robert E. Burns, President of the College of the Pacific. Dr. Burns was interested in the preservation of the history of the Mother Lode and gold country, and he spoke to the Grass Valley Lions Club about organizing a county historical society. Soon afterwards another meeting was held for more people who were interested, after which a constitution and by-laws were adopted. The objective of the new organization as stated in its constitution was to preserve every source of Nevada County history. The new society began with 48 members, and dues were a dollar a year! Monthly programs were planned to entertain and educate members, and the committee chairmen and groups formed the foundation of the society by collecting, displaying, and preserving the memorabilia of the county. The Firehouse Museum in Nevada City, the Mining Museum in Grass Valley, and Searls Library in Nevada City were opened to locals and tourists alike. The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum opened in Nevada City during May, 2003.

In March 1948 the first newsletter of the Society was published, which contained small notices about Nevada County history. These were 5 by 8 inches, and were published until 1976. From that date to the present, the newsletter evolved into a quarterly Bulletin, usually an 8 page issue on some historical topic. Now the newsletter, also quarterly, is sent out at the same time. The newsletter tells the members about programs of the month, special events such as outings to historical areas, and news from the museums and Searls Library.

Since 1948, the Historical Society has held an annual banquet to honor the "Citizen of the Year," someone (or sometimes an organization) who has made an outstanding contribution toward preserving Nevada County history.

Meeting Information:

Board of Directors Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month at the Coldwell Banker office on Sutton Way in Grass Valley. Meetings begin at 5:00 pm and all interested parties are invited to attend.

General Membership Programs are held the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm, at Madelyn Helling Library, 980 Helling Way, Nevada City. Free of charge. These programs are regularly announced in the local media and can also be found posted on our Events Calendar. All interested parties are invited to attend. Refreshments are usually served following the general membership meetings.

Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairs:

Executive Board:

President: Daniel Ketcham
Vice-President: Carolyn Rogers-Jones
Executive Secretary: Linda Jack
Treasurer: David Bard


Firehouse Museum: Wally Hagaman
North Star Mining Museum: Rudy Cisar
Searls Historic Library: Pat Chesnut
NCNGRR Museum: Madelyn Helling
Genealogical Research: Vacant
Book Division: Desmond Gallagher
Membership: Wayne Teague
Archivist: Gay Conner
Directors at Large: Brita Rozynski
Director at Large: Al Dittmann
Director at Large: Brian Blair
Director at Large: Ric Caravelli

Standing Committee Chairs:

Finance: By committee
Publicity: By committee
Programs & Events: Carolyn Jones-Rogers
Nomination: Daniel Ketcham, Wayne Teague & Madelyn Helling
Webmaster: Jennai Patterson
Policy & Procedures: Linda Jack
Newsletter: Wayne Teague, Linda Jack & Daniel Ketcham,
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Special Committee Chairs:

Hospitality: Desmond Gallagher
Awards/Citizen of the Year: Ric Caraville
Liasion: Wayne Teague
Volunteer Picnic: Wayne Teague & Daniel Ketcham
Sunshine: Brita Rozynsi
New Searls Building Committee:
Daniel Ketcham, Wayne Teague, Pat Chesnut, Brian Blair, David Bard.
Capital Fundraising Committee: Daniel Ketcham, Wayne Teague, Pat Chesnut, Brian Blair, David Bard, Linda Jack


Our 2011 Board
Rudy Cisar, Rolf Laessig, Desmond Gallagher, Brita Rozynski, Ric Caravelle, Pat Chesnut, Wally Hagaman.
Front (L-R): Wayne Teague, Madelyn Helling, Daniel Ketcham, Carolyn Jones-Rogers, Gay Conner,
David Bard.
Not pictured: Linda Jack and Brian Blair.


Firehouse No.1 Museum


Railroad Museum


Mining Museum

Searls Historical Library

Nevada County ~ at The Heart of California's Golden History

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